WRAP Facilitator Training -- West Chester, PA

Session Details

Event Date: 
Mon, 03/30/2020 - 9:00am
Northbrook Farms Marketplace
1805 Unionville Wawaset Rd
West Chester, PA 19382
United States
This training has been postponed due to the Coronavirus.

Spend five days with Copeland Center staff learning to become a WRAP Facilitator. This course is designed to help you become a powerful change agent as a WRAP Facilitator. You will gain a deeper understanding of the recovery process and learn to:

• work with people who have mental health challenges to discover the strengths they have and can use to enhance their recovery;
• effectively share the underlying concepts necessary to recovery - hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy, and support;
• work with individuals and groups to develop a WRAP;
• teach about wellness tools and strategies;
• empower and motivate people to work toward recovery – feeling the way they want to feel, making their lives the way they want them to be, and moving toward meeting their life goals; and
• use interaction and presentation styles and strategies that enhance recovery.
Thousands across the U.S. and the world have trained as WRAP Facilitators and those people are changing the mental health system to honor people’s recovery journeys. This course models the behavior of a facilitator in a WRAP class and stresses authenticity and unconditional high regard, as well as a strong set of values and ethics to guide your work.

Fees include lunches, materials, training and 2-year listing in the WRAP Facilitator registry.

Applicants are expected to have completed ONE of the following (which must be conducted by a WRAP Facilitator):  

  • Seminar I: Developing Your Own WRAP (16+ hours)
  • The Correspondence Course
Need to complete Seminar I: Developing Your Own WRAP?