WRAP for Happy, Healthy, Healing Relationships

WRAP for Happy, Healthy and Healing Relationships was held on February 14, 2017.

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This Valentine’s Day, Join Amey Dettmer for a new webinar titled WRAP for Happy, Healthy and Healing Relationships. Amey is a Certified Peer Specialist, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator and the Special Projects Coordinator with the Copeland Center’s National Consumer Technical Assistance Center, Doors to Wellbeing. From Pennsylvania, she currently uses a Relationship WRAP to maintain friendships and intimate relationships with loved ones. From personal experience, she will share her ideas and experience of using WRAP as a tool for relationships of wellness.

This webinar introduces adapting and using WRAP for maintaining and improving happy and healthy relationships. This is an opportunity to learn about ways to build upon relationships as lovers, friends or family members. Many people yearn for happy, healthy; long-lasting relationships. This may be your key to fulfill that yearning. Join Amey in this webinar to explore how WRAP can open doors to healing and sustaining meaningful relationships through mutual understanding and simple pathways of communication through a relationship WRAP.

Special Guest Presenter: Cheryl Sharp, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. We are pleased to announce that Cheryl will be joining Amey to present this webinar!

Cheryl Sharp holds the unique perspective of a person who has recovered from significant mental health challenges, a trauma survivor, a family member of a loved one who died as a result of mental health challenges, and a provider of substance abuse and mental health services. Sharp has worked with adult trauma survivors for over 30 years and trains and speaks internationally on trauma-informed care and suicide prevention. She has worked as a hospice/medical social worker and as a director of social services for a skilled nursing facility and is an ordained minister. She received a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) Voice Award in 2015 for her work and personal stories educating the public about behavioral health and the Lou Ann Townsend Courage Award for her contributions to persons with psychiatric disabilities. As an exclusive consultant to the National Council’s Trauma-Informed Care Learning Communities, Sharp has led over 700 organizations in the implementation of trauma-informed care.