Path to Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Training

Key Concepts Poster

Maybe you were recently trained as a WRAP Facilitator and loved the experience. Maybe you have a lot of experience as a WRAP Facilitator. Maybe you see an opportunity in your organization for a pair of Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators.

Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Training is a 5-day in-person training that certifies participants to train WRAP Facilitators. All participants must be trained WRAP Facilitators. There is an application process to be accepted into the training and the Copeland Center often receives many more applications than it has available spaces. Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Training is offered 2-3 times a year in the US and 1-2 times a year outside of the US.

What to do to become an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator:

1. Co-Facilitate WRAP Groups
The Copeland Center is seeking experienced WRAP Facilitators. The best thing you can do if you want to go on to Advanced Level Training is to co-facilitate as many groups as possible. You must have completed at least 5 groups prior to applying, but we would love applicants that have facilitated many more. The review committee prefers candidates who have spent a lot of time facilitating WRAP groups and conducting WRAP Workshops. Keep your workshop evaluations - you will asked to submit them with your application for Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Training.

2. Take a WRAP Facilitator Refresher
If you were trained as a WRAP Facilitator more than 2 years ago, make sure that you have received a WRAP Facilitator Refresher. This course will be offered online this winter. The review committee will be giving preference to those who are current on the Refresher requirement.

3. Evaluations
You are required to send evaluations from your groups in order to apply for Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Training. Now is a good time to get those in order. If you have not been keeping track of the evaluations, now is a good time to facilitate more groups and holding on to those evaluations. 

4. Practice 20-minute Presentation of the 5-key Concepts and WRAP
Please cover: Five Key Concepts of Recovery and all the sections of WRAP® (Wellness Toolbox, Daily Maintenance Plan, Triggers and Action Plans, Early Warning Signs and Action Plans, When Things Are Breaking Down and Action Plans, all the parts of the Crisis Plan, and Post Crisis Plan).
When putting the presentations together, focus on the preview, present, illustrate and summarize (leaving out the facilitation). This is not the group process, but rather an overview of sharing your knowledge of the curriculum and your experience living WRAP. We would like to see illustrations from your own life throughout the presentation, while being mindful of the time constraints. 
We are not expecting a powerpoint presentation to go along with it. As upcoming Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators, we would like you to have the WRAP language and experience from the curriculum with limited (or no) notes. 

5. Study the WRAP Facilitator Manual and Red WRAP Book
The Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Training has a knowledge assessment required for certification. All participants must pass the knowledge assessment in order to become certified. The better you know the WRAP Facilitator Manual and red WRAP book the more likely you are to pass the assessment and be on your way to certification.

6. Make a plan for co-facilitation

WRAP Facilitator Trainng must be co-facilitated. You are asked to submit an implementation plan that includes who you will co-facilitate with. This may mean you want to come to Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator Training with another WRAP Facilitator who you will work with or it may mean that you spend some time connecting with Advanced Level WRAP Facilitators who could work with. Either way, the review committee will want to know.

The Copeland Center seeks new WRAP Facilitators who are committed to the ethics and values of WRAP, are strong peer supporters, and bring the 5-key concepts to light in all their relationships.