WRAP Refresher

WRAP Facilitation is a training program developed and implemented by the Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery based on ongoing research and practice of WRAP. In order to improve skills and stay informed regarding effective approaches to WRAP Facilitation continued learning is imperative. It is recommended that WRAP Facilitators attend a Refresher Course at least once every two year in order to stay up to date on developments and best practices.

Course Description: The WRAP Refresher is a interactive course co-facilitated by Copeland Center Advanced Level Facilitators to sharpen and expand facilitation skills to further engage groups in the Wellness Recovery Action Planning.

Through attendance in this course WRAP Facilitators will:

  1. Recognize expanded options on how to give effective group introductions.
  2. Identify additional knowledge areas, values and ethics of WRAP.
  3. Apply at least one new skill to sharpen and expand group facilitation skills.
  4. Develop new and creative approaches to facilitation to accommodate participant challenges and differing group needs.

Recommended for WRAP Facilitators to enhance knowledge and skills with WRAP and to get updates on implementing WRAP as an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP).

Some topics covered in the Refresher:

  • Creating a safe learning environment
  • Effective introductions
  • Translating the values and ethics of WRAP into practical applications
  • Methods of evaluation
  • Developing ideas
  • Responding to questions and knowledge-based answers
  • WRAP for WRAP Facilitators
  • Addressing participant expectations
  • Bringing creativity to WRAP Presentations
  • Continuing education needs