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Friday, August 7, 2015 - 10:48am

National Consumer Technical Assistance Center


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The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery will be offering a new program, the National Consumer Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Doors to Wellbeing. With funding support from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Doors to Wellbeing will be opening its "doors" starting October 1st 2015.  SAMHSA funds three National Consumer TACs, which are directed to focus on different regions and areas of expertise.  Doors to Wellbeing will collaborate with all National Consumer TACs to bring about the greatest advancements for consumer and peer-support led initiatives across the nation.  This opportunity will support and expand The Copeland Center’s many years of offering webinars, resources, education, training and support to individual and consumer-run organizations.      

Doors to Wellbeing was developed to focus on engaging the assets, enthusiasm, and lived-experience of our nation’s youth and young adult consumers to help energize the consumer-led movement for recovery and wellness in the United States.  It is critically important to activate the dynamic potential of young people in order to prepare consumer-run organizations to address contemporary challenges.  

Doors to Wellbeing will serve peers across the lifespan while empowering and involving youth leaders within the continuum of local, state, regional, and national consumer-led organizations in order to revitalize and grow the grassroots self-help movement in the United States.  Doors to Wellbeing will be a connection point for the millions of Americans of all ages and from diverse cultural, ethnic, gender identity, generational, racial and sexual identity communities who are forging new pathways to living full and independent lives in the communities of their choice.  

The Doors to Wellbeing National Consumer TAC is led by Program Director Letty Elenes, who comes to the Copeland Center with an amazing record of creating and implementing successful peer-run-bilingual (English and Spanish) programs.  You may have met Letty during her Keynote at the 2014 Alternative Conference and can also see her at the WRAP Around The World Conference in Washington DC August 24-26th.  Letty will be supported by a dynamic team of experienced leaders in the peer-support movement and collaborators such as Youth In Mind and iNAPS.

Steve Harrington

We are impressed by the work of the Copeland Center...iNAPS is committed to providing support to Doors to Wellbeing through collaborations, partnerships and consultation on webinars, conferences, surveys… promoting self-help and peer support especially more youth leadership and involvement of Iraq and Afghanistan wars.”

Steve Harrington, Executive Director of the International Association of Peer Supporters (iNAPS)  


Youth in Mind LogoYouth In Mind (YIM) is excited for Doors to Wellbeing to focus on engaging the assets, enthusiasm, and lived-expereince of our nation’s youth…YIM members are action oriented, organizing youth-led anti-stigma campaigns, youth leadership summits and local and statewide advocacy activities. YIM will help Doors to Wellbeing to intiate and sustain youth-led consumer/peer run organizations and intiatives and to develop youth leadership within existing consumer/peer-run organizations.”

Susan Manzi, Executive Director, Youth In Mind (YIM)


Mark Salzer

The skills, experience and reputation of the Copeland Center bode well for its excellence as a National Consumer TAC and I look forward to the innovative activities outlined in the program and working with the Doors to Wellbeing program.

Mark Salzer, Pd.D., LCP, Professor and Chair Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Director, TU Collaborative on Community Inclusion of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities Temple University


Jeanie Whitecraft

I am impressed with the Doors to Wellbeing program to assist consumer–run organizations to understand and implement best practices in business, organizational, programmatic, and technological operations and look forward to bringing my 25 years of experience with starting and managing consumer-run initiatives and systems transformation to my role on your team.”

Jeanie Whitecraft, M.Ed., CPRP, CAC, CSS, Recovery Consultant


Outreach and engagement efforts will begin this fall to support people through collaboration with organizations and systems operating within the Mid-Atlantic and Central United States, yet stay tuned as nationally focused webinars, resources and further news will be made available.

Chaku Mattai"The STAR Center is thrilled to collaborate with the Doors to Wellbeing as we partner towards our mutual aim of promoting and supporting young people to embrace leadership roles in our movement and in our communities across the country. The STAR Center will continue our strong attention to reducing disparities and exciting grassroots initiatives while concentrating our national technical assistance on youth leadership development. We look forward to all the great people and energy that the Doors to Wellbeing and the Copeland Center brings together!"

Chacku Mathai, CPRP Director, NAMI STAR Center

Meet the Program Director

Letty Elenes

Letty Elenes will be the Program Director for Doors to Wellbeing. Letty is a consumer with an amazing record of creating and executing successful peer-run programs that produce measurable results.  She is a bilingual (English and Spanish) Latina American with extensive experience introducing self-help practices to the diverse ethnic, racial, and gender and sexual identity populations in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area.  She is a cultural community leader working with Nel Centro De Juventud and the Spanish Speaking Citizens Foundation. In her role as a program manager for PEERS of Oakland, CA, Letty has been recognized as a pioneer in the Alameda County, CA consumer movement.  She received the prestigious 2010 Consumer of the Year Award for her dedication to advancing the voice of youth consumers.  Letty is an inspiring public speaker who delivered keynote addresses at the national Alternatives Conference in 2011 and 2012.  She is also a skilled writer who co-authored WRAP for Youth with Mary Ellen Copeland.