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The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery is pleased to announce the International WRAP® Centers of Excellence Certification Program (IWCEC). Through this program, the Copeland Center recognizes and certifies WRAP® Centers of Excellence that promote high quality transformational experiences through Wellness Recovery Action Plan facilitation.


The Copeland Center celebrated National Wellness Week with three webinars designed to encourage individuals, families, and communities across the country to improve their health behaviors.


This edition continues celebrating 15 years of WRAP and focuses on "Taking WRAP into the Future, the next 15 Years and Beyond". Also In this issue...."WRAP Goes to High School", Japanese WRAP Workbook, WRAP Correspondence Course, articles by Mary Ellen Copeland and Matthew Federici.


On Thursday August 30th the Copeland Center was back in Edmonton Alberta Canada to start the final phase of the WRAP infusion into HS project.  Advanced level facilitators Letty Elenes and Jenn Cusick along with WRAP facilitators Lorissa Arndt and Jawanza Hadley took 30 participants through the 5-day training.


Recently, the Copeland Center entered a groundbreaking initiative to bring WRAP to High School students in Edmonton Canada Alberta. The 3-Day WRAP Overview took place June 28th - 30th with and additional two days of planning on July 1st and 2nd. The 3-day Overview was co-facilitated by Letty Elenes, Jawanza Hadley and Rocio Elenes. Twenty-seven high schools students from two separate high schools and one project coordinator from Alberta Health Services came together to participate in the 3-day overview. Each of the participants was guided through the 5 Key Concepts and the process of making their own WRAP.


Thirty participants spent three days in the pastoral setting of Temenos Retreat Center in West Chester, PA at the WRAP and Healing Trauma Retreat co-facilitated by Matthew Federici, Executive Director of the Copeland Center and Cheryl Sharp, Special Advisor for Trauma-Informed Services for the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare. This three day workshop allowed participants who had never done a WRAP before to understand the structure of WRAP and the Five Key Concepts as well as to begin to explore how trauma may have impacted their lives. 


The Copeland Center has been working with organizational teams to advanced its mission of promoting more wellness-oriented supports through a new service called Team WRAP® for Organizations.  Team WRAP® for Organizations applies the concepts of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan curriculum with the evidenced based Copeland Center WRAP® Facilitation techniques to promote organizational team wellness.


In partnership with Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services and The Copeland Center, PEERS hosted the inaugural WRAP for Health Conference on May 1, featuring keynote speaker, Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD, author of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).


Gina Calhoun, The Copeland Center’s National Director of Wellness and Recovery Education, is the 2012 recipient of the Timothy J. Coakley Behavioral Health Leadership Award.