Katrina McBrierty

Katrina McBrierty
WRAP Facilitator
United Kingdom

My name is Katrina I live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland.Having attended WRAP Seminar 1workshop in Scotland it enabled me to experience wrap for myself and I created my own WRAP.  This supported me in identifying where changes in my own life could be made to support my wellness and helped me to identify the triggers that can impact on my wellness and actions required to manage these triggers to lesson the effect on my well being.

I had the opportunity to attend WRAP facilitator training in San Diego where I further developed my knowledge of WRAP and through the creation of this supportive environment and the mutual learning with an amazing group of like minded people I also deepened my understanding of the positive impact of WRAP. My belief is that WRAP is valuable for all and if introduced early enough my hope is that people would have greater levels of positive health and wellbeing. I am excited to create opportunities for everyone and anyone to explore how they might embrace WRAP to make positive change and in turn work towards healthy communities. I refer to WRAP as being the stabilisers of life.