Becky Shaw

WRAP Facilitator
United Kingdom

Becky grew up in rural Nottinghamshire and trained to be a primary school teacher. A series of traumatic events, including abuse and a war zone, led to her struggling and reluctantly accessing the psychiatric system. Feeling isolated with a mental health diagnosis, having to take powerful sedatives and with no one to talk with who understood Becky founded a peer Support Group in Nottinghamshire which she has facilitated continuously since 1995. With peer support, reading, researching, using recovery strategies and WRAP Becky gradually reduced the use of psychiatric drugs over many years and is now living well without any of these drugs.

Becky mostly researches and trains with the not-for-profit company, Rethinking Health (UK) Ltd,, to provide health and well-being training in England and Wales. Her courses including WRAP, Crisis Planning/Advance Statements, Recovery, Managing Moods, Food and Mood, Thyroid and Gut Health.

Becky’s first published book, “Wonderfully Strange”, came from her belief that knowledge gives individuals choice and control in their support, care and lives. This book continues to be popular with health professionals, carers and readers who also suffered emotional turmoil. Becky writes for journals and has published further books which are available through